If you want to look like everyone else you have no shortage of options. If you want to wear the same clothes everyone else is, there are hundreds upon thousands of companies who will happily sell you the same designs over and over again. At R3515T we have always been drawn to the limited and the unique and felt that our products should reflect that. With the exception of one or two standard logos, our products will always be limited and changing.

To accomplish this we’re going to be a little unorthodox about our release structure. First of all, we are not going to have seasonal lines – everything is going to be limited edition. Since you are reading this on the web, lets start there. Each week we will release a new design on this website. The trick is that design will only be available for one week. The following week when the new design goes up, the old one comes down and is gone forever. Since if you like a design you have one week to grab it before it’s no longer available, we think that will make each shirt limited only to the people who really liked it right away and will also prevent your friend seeing your shirt and then going out and buying the same one. And if you don’t like the shirt this week, no problem, there will be a brand new one next week you might be more into.

We’ll announce each new design right here on the site, on twitter and on our mailing list.

In addition to the new shirt every week internet only deal we’ll be doing individual store exclusives with some of the coolest shops around the world. For each collaboration the design will be exclusive to one single store, and only available from them in person. We’ll keep you posted on those as well but if you don’t live close to the shop you better hope you have a friend who does!

We also have some plans for some extra special releases but those will remain sekrit until they happen. Stay tuned!

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