Welcome to R3515T

This is an experiment.

Every bit of it in fact. I’ve been designing logos and merchandise for other people for most of my life but always hesitated to launch my own brand. I told myself I needed some kind of a vehicle, like a band, to give the designs an audience. I knew I would never be happy with the final results and I’d have to keep revising. I assumed it would be a lot of work, a lot of effort, and no one would care. I was my biggest critic and I didn’t even have anything to critique.

And then I realized that if I didn’t try I was guaranteed to fail. 100% sure thing. But if I gave it a shot, I at least had a shot at pulling it off. I was inspired by my friends and their endless creativity and then I saw Warren Ellis try a completely new approach to releasing merch and thought it might just work. I could make a new shirt every week without risking everything, and even if it was the worst design ever I could change it and do something better for next week.

I made the choice to resist listing to myself thinking it would never work and try it for myself.

I thought if I made a new design every single week some of them would be terrible, but some of them would be awesome, and that alone would be worth it. So R3515T is just that. I refuse to believe it isn’t worth trying.